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The magical Castle of Loarre

From its perch, the Castle of Loarre provides stunning views of the plains around Huesca.

Sitting atop an elevation overlooking the expansive plains around Huesca, the Castle of Loarre (Castillo de Loarre) not only provides stunning views of the plains, but is also the best preserved example of a Romanesque castle anywhere in Europe. Constructed in the 11th century, the castle was erected as part of a defence system just as the reconquest in Aragon was gaining momentum.

The castle's 12th century walls.

Begun by Sancho el Mayor around 1020, a large part of the castle's structures belong to the post 1073 the reign of Sancho Ramírez. An Augustinian monastery once the conquest of Huesca was completed, the castle features a church - the Church of San Pedro - which was added in 1099. A late 12th century wall with semi-circular watchtowers and an Albarrana tower surrounds the castle.

The Church of San Pedro.

Another view of the castle.

The Albarrana tower.

The Homage Tower.

11th century graffiti - added perhaps by a bored artisan.

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